G'day dreamers, Welcome to the family! 


The Chasing Dreams crew is - Beau, Madi and Luna (Blue Staffy), but to be honest it doesn’t end there! We are so fortunate and lucky to have the best community behind us! 


So the plan - We decided to quit our jobs and make each day count (this took a lot of convincing for Madi) but that was it, we were super scared of this decision but in our hearts knew it would be the right one for us. We aren’t really the kind of people to plan anything so we have no idea what the future holds, but that’s not a problem because at the end of the day it will be up to us to make the most of our adventure and to make the best of every opportunity that presents itself. So as of February 2021 we sold everything, took our van to go out make memories that will last a lifetime and not look back. 


If life experiences have taught us anything, it is tomorrow is not promised but today is, so get out there make it count!

Do what makes you happy, live the life you dream and start each day with passion!

We have chosen this path of creating something wonderful because we are passionate about people, community and the thrill of exploring. We are always chasing our dreams and striving to make them a reality, dreaming is a beautiful thing with no limitation. We want to show you that no matter how absurd our dreams may be, with time they will be a reality and be a part of the chapters we have written. 


Come join us in creating a community of not only chasing our dreams but inspiring others and helping each other along the way. Helping others and giving back will be the forefront of our mission and we want to share these experiences with you all. 


So what are you waiting for, come along on this journey with us and join the Chasing Dreams family.

Always remember… Don’t just follow your dreams, CHASE THEM!


Much love the Chasing Dreams family. 

Beau - Madi - Luna 

Beau Madi and Luna
Our Set up