Broome, Western Australia

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Broome, the heart of the Kimberley in Northern Western Australia, is Probably the biggest bucket list destination for most Australians. From the beautiful beaches with crystal blue waters to the deep red of the Kimberley sand, Broome would have to be one of the most picturesque places to visit within Australia.

We have been fortunate enough to not only visit Broome multiple times while on our adventures, but we lived there for 2 years as well. In our time in Broome and the surrounding areas, we managed to find some real hidden gems.

Before we dive into all the beauty that Broome has to offer, we thought it only fair to share some of our opinions on the side of Broome that doesn’t get publicised too often, leaving new visitors in the dark.

Be Croc Wise! Broome is one of the many locations in Northern Australia that plays host to Saltwater Crocodiles. This means that you need to be extremely cautious whenever it comes to being near water. You might often find that Cable Beach is closed to the public due to Crocodile sightings which can be quite a bummer when all you want to do is watch the sunset! This will always be signed at every entrance of the beach so be sure to check for the signs before entering. It also means that if you go camping near any creeks or waterways you need to be extremely careful, and croc wise a good rule of thumb is 50 to 100 meters back from any water’s edge.

You don’t only have to be careful of the Crocs swallowing you up, the massive tides in Broome could swallow your car too if you aren’t careful. The tides in Broome are up with the largest in the world so always read what the tides and tidal marks are doing before heading down to the beach and keep an eye on them while you are there. They can move extremely fast and go from very low to high VERY quickly. So far this year there have already been 10 vehicles fall victim to the massive Broome tides which would certainly make you question the rest of the trip you have planned.

Wet Season! If you are travelling to Broome, you will most likely not be going in the wet season (November - April) due to the extremely hot and humid weather, massive storms, infestations of mozzies, and sandflies just to name a few. However, if all that doesn’t bother you, or it is the only time you can sneak away to this holiday destination be prepared for a few of the local shops and cafes to be either closed completely or have significantly reduced hours. This is something that we found extremely hard to cope with when living there as the Wet season is when Broome slows down with tourists, and you tend to get the little oases to yourself.

Now with those negatives out of the way let’s move onto the parts of Broome that you don’t want to miss!

We don’t think that we could start this list by mentioning anything other than all the breathtaking beaches and viewpoints that just make you say ‘WOW’ every time you see them. On the top of that list for us would have to be none other than watching a sunset on Cable Beach. No matter how many times we see this sunset it will never get old or looks the same! We just can’t resist heading down, throwing some Snags on the BBQ, and having a nice cold Bevvy with such an amazing view.

Cable Beach Sunset

Some other spots that are definitely worth the mention are:

- Gantheaume Point - Don’t forget to try and find the 130-million-year-old Dinosaur Footprints while you are there at a low tide of 2.16 meters they will become visible

- Entrance Point

- Willie Creek/ Barred Creek – stunning blue water and a great way to see just how large the tides are

- Coconut Wells – check out the beautiful rock pools they have.

- All the free camping spots such as James Price Point, Quandong Point, and so many other beautiful spots we haven’t even discovered yet.

Gantheaume Point

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park. Do you know how we mentioned those extremely large reptiles before? Well, this would be the only place you actually do want to see them. Whenever we had family or friends came to visit us in Broome, we always took the short drive out to the park that is situated out at 12 Mile, and they all loved it just as much as we did every time. It is amazing to see these huge prehistoric creatures up so close and personal (and know that you are tucked safely behind a fence).

Malcolm Douglas Croc Park

The tours guides and the Croc Park are a wealth of knowledge and great to ask any of those hard-hitting questions you may have on these wonderful beasts, they always made the tours fun. Although we have not yet done the croc parks in places like Darwin as yet, we highly recommend a visit to the Malcolm Douglas Park to anyone that ventures in the Broome area as the experience for us was just incredible.

While you are out 12 Mile way for the Croc Park, why not go a little bit further to stop and have a hearty meal at none other than the Roebuck Plains Roadhouse. They have some of the best ‘pub-style/ homemade’ meals that we think we have ever had... and they are huge! If you are after some quirky souvenirs from your trip to Broome these guys have some ripper ones that you won’t find in town.

Town Beach has everything that a young family will need for a day to entertain the kids! Its recent renovation of the super huge playground leaving the kids (and bigger kids at heart) finding it irresistible to get lost amongst all the activities.

Town Beach also offers a fantastic water park for the young ones to splash around in on the hot Broome days. Town beach is also host to the Thursday Night Markets every Thursday night (June – September) and the Staircase to The Moon Markets which is on when the aptly named full moon makes a magical staircase illusion to the moon over the mudflats, this is something not to miss!

Staircase to the Moon img:Norm Stephens

Staircase to the moon can be viewed here on the few days around the full moon between April and October every year. You can check the dates here,

Speaking of markets, the Courthouse Markets held every Saturday (and Sunday through April – October) are a must-see. With so many creative people in this town from beautiful hand-crafted items to awesome local clothing brands, food to indulge on, and more pearls than you will find in the ocean. Whether you are wanting a gift, souvenir or even just want to take a wonder this is a stop worth taking. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a cheeky mango smoothie, we promise you it will be worth it especially on those glorious sunny days!

Broome Courthouse Markets
Broome Courthouse Markets

Now we know that not everyone will have the money to spend on this next one as it is quite pricy however if you do have the cash to spare doing the once in a lifetime tour to the Horizontal Falls is something that is we think everyone should be able to experience in a lifetime! Madi was lucky enough to do it with her mum a couple of years back and cannot pick a favourite memory from the day. Some of the top ones would have to be the breathtaking views on the flight there, having the plane land on the water, swimming with the sharks, the boat ride through the Horizontal Falls to the delicious lunch provided. Ok so that was most of the trip, but it honestly was one of the best experiences and I could not write a blog about Broome and not mention it all.

Are you after what we believe to be the best view over Broome’s magical waters and well-put-together atmosphere? Well, you cannot go past the Mangrove Hotel! Situated overlooking the gorgeous Roebuck Bay you can’t miss the opportunity to grab one of their outdoor lounges and take in your surroundings while drinking one of their thirst-quenching beverages (maybe a cocktail or two or three who knows) and nibbling on their delicious food.

Mangrove Hotel

While the above would have to be our top picks from our adventures in Broome there are still some notable mentions that may tickle your fancy. If you are into quirky little shops and cafés, well Chinatown and Johnny Chi Lane are defiantly for you, you are going to find some amazingly talented people in this area. You might even catch a plane flying right over the top of you while you are there which is something that you just don’t see everywhere and a cool little experience for sure! While in Chinatown you should go check out Sun Pictures, it is one of the oldest running outdoor picture garden theatres in the world. Does that nod to the history buff in you? Then you should definitely check out the Broome Historical Museum it is worth a wander and is full of wonderful knowledge about the very unique history that is Broome.

And last but certainly not least, would it actually be a trip to Broome without making a stop to its very own Matso’s Brewery. Pull up a seat and hopefully they might have some talented musicians serenading you whilst you take in the view and try out some of their weird and wonderful flavours of beer while you are there.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is available to do in Broome. There are so many hidden gems throughout the town that are just waiting to be explored. The great thing about Broome is whether you are going there in the tightest of budgets or have the intention to splash the cash you will be able to do and see some of the most remarkable sights in Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning that trip you have always dreamed of and get out there and chase that dream into reality!

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