Giralia Station, Western Australia

Giralia Station would hands down have to be one of our most favourite spots so far while travelling along the coast of Western Australia. Nestled in the heart of the Exmouth Gulf, Giralia is where the outback meets over 70kms of beautifully untouched coastline. This place is truly one of nature’s beauties, whether you just want to sit back and relax, go fishing, launch the boat, or just surround yourself with all the natural wildlife and history that this beautiful place has to offer. Giralia Stations is somewhere that we would recommend everyone to visit at some point in their lifetime.


Giralia Station Entrance

The turn-off to Giralia Station is located approx. 133kms from Exmouth along Burkett Road. The entrance to the station is marked by a sculpture of a fisherman in a little Tinny, which we think is so beautifully country! If you are planning on staying at the station camp itself, then you are only in for a short drive (approx. 4kms) along a dirt road to get to the homestead. However, if you want to go to the beach or creek campsites as we did, then you are in for an extra 32kms on a dirt road to get to those sites but allow about another 40 minutes plus, depending on road conditions at the time. The dirt road to the beach and creek campsites are quite corrugated in places and some have the odd soft sand patch as well, but the main thing you need to watch out for is the dips. There are quite a few dips that sneak up on you, so make sure that you are alert, lower tyre pressures and driving to the conditions!


Giralia Station has so many beautiful spots to choose from, meaning that whatever kind of adventure you are looking for, they have you covered.

The Homestead:

The homestead offers both Accommodation Rooms and Bush Camping Sites, with access to hot showers, toilets, laundry, and an awesome camp kitchen. You can have your own slice of outback paradise with just a little hint of those homely touches.

Giralia Station Homestead - img credit: Giralia Station

Beach and Creek:

Have a 4WD or off-road van and want to experience something a little more secluded, right by the water’s edge?

Beach Camping - Giralia Station

Located 40 minutes (32kms) from the Giralia homestead accommodation and bush camp you will find the sandy beach of Giralia Bay, where you can explore mangrove creeks, sandy islands, launch your boat, and fish to your heart's content.

You do need to be fully self-contained to stay on one of these 25 beach and creek sites, meaning that you MUST have a chemical toilet (Toilets cannot be hired, you must take one with you) and your own water supply. Also, a good thing to note is that if you are heading to the beach sites you must be checked in before 5 pm as it is their duty of care to their campers to arrive at their spot safely before dark. There is access to plenty of bore water at the homestead but make sure that you have enough drinking water on board.

Out of those 25 sites, there are only 9 beach sites and 6 creek sites that are accessible to caravans, therefore if you are wanting to take your van, make sure that you are booking one of those 15 sites.

It is so peaceful and quiet out at the beach campsites that at night we could hear the whales breaching and playing around, this was extra special at night-time as we couldn’t see them, but we could hear them from inside our caravan, and let me tell you that was something pretty magical to fall asleep to!


Beach and Creek Sites: $24 per night for 2 people, plus $12 per person after that per night (note some of these sites accommodate up to 4 cars and caravans).

Homestead: Starting from $60 per night for their budget accommodation at a minimum of 3 nights. The most expensive is up to $170 per night.

Note: Prices are subject to change. Always check their website before booking.


To say that getting out on the boat wasn’t a massive part of why we fell in love with Giralia Station would be the understatement of the year. We stayed at Giralia Stations for 7 nights and every single one of those days was predominately spent out on the water. You can launch your boat from the ramp out at the creek campsites or you can find plenty of spots along the beachfront that you can launch too, this is what we did.

We must admit, we are definitely not what you would call the best when it comes to fishing and up until this point, we usually came home with not a single fish, but out in the Exmouth Gulf, we couldn’t keep up with the fish! We would put our line in, start to trawl, and end up reeling in a nice School Mackerel or Chinaman Cod within no time. These were a beauty to cook up for dinner!

The fishing out there is amazing, but that is not all that the waters around Giralia Station have to offer. Nearly every day that we were out on the water we were surrounded by so much marine life giving us so many ‘pinch me’ moments. There were times when we were surrounded by no less than 16 Humpback Whales that were coming up to us within 70m of our tinny! Not only were we greeted by the whales but there was also an abundance of dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and even a cheeky pack of pelicans sitting on a huge sandbank in the middle of the ocean, seriously it is something you just have to experience for yourself!

Although we can only really speak for the fishing out on the boat, we have also heard that the land-based fishing off the coastline of Giralia Bay is still amazing. We are all super lucky because they actually provide you with a map, suggesting some great locations for fishing around the station.


Yes, Giralia Station is pet-friendly! If you are planning on camping at the Bush Campsites at the homestead, then your doggo will have to be always on the lead. When camping at the Beach and Creek sites pets must also be always under your control and no matter where you camp. As always, do the right thing and please be sure to clean up after your furry friend!


The dreaded sandflies (midges)! Of all the positives that this spot has to offer, the biggest downfall would have to be those damn bities. Yes, the beach campsites are predominately surrounded by mangroves, so sandflies are going to be a given, but they definitely loved to come out as the sun went down that is for sure! However, we found that using the Portable Repeller from Thermacell that we have mentioned in a previous blog post we were mostly able to keep them at bay.


Although it might be a large part of what Giralia Station has to offer, fishing isn’t the only thing on the list of things to do.

· Walking Trails - There are 3 different walking trails to choose from on Giralia Station:

o Bird Walk – 3.4km, allow 1 – 3 hrs:

o Kangaroo Walk – 5km Loop, allow 1 – 3 hrs:

o Emu Walk – 3.4km Loop, allow 1-3 hrs:

· Fossil Hunt – The Giralia Range plays home to fossils that are around 68 million years old!

· Giralia Station History – Want to know more about what station life was like back in the late 1800s? Why not explore the museum located at the homestead and take a wander around the old blacksmith workshop?

· Picnic in the Dunes – Why not grab yourself a cold one and maybe even some nibbles and take a wander up the sandhill and watch that beautiful sunset over the beautiful red sand dunes of the West Australian Outback.

· Just Relax – If you plan on staying out at the beach or creek campsites, then you can drive back in to enjoy all that the homestead has to offer if that tickles your fancy, but why not just relax? The beach is so peaceful, and the campsites are so spread out that you can just take some well-deserved time to yourself and just chill out!

We believe this would have to be one of the area’s best-kept secrets, living in the Pilbara region for some time we know that not even a lot of the locals know about it, meaning that you can still enjoy this place without the crowds. We are so grateful for the experiences that we were able to have whilst staying here and honestly, we didn’t want to leave! Each day was so different and really special, making it all the more exciting.

If you are into this kind of lifestyle and can handle a couple of sandflies and mosquitos we 100% recommend this place to visit!

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