Our Top 5 Must Haves For Life On The Road

After hitting the road in February of this year we have been living out of our 2012 Toyota Troop Carrier and our 2016 12ft Hybrid Caravan from Market Direct Campers (MDC). Going from a four-bedroom house to a combined total of 29ft was a mission in itself however, we have found that there are some items that make living in such a small space a lot easier!

While we could ramble on all day about a whole range of products that have made our life easier on the road, we decided to take on the nearly impossible task of narrowing that list down to our top 5 products in no particular order.

First up we have none other than the JETBOIL MiniMo. We went back and forth on this one for a while as the price tag was a hard pill to swallow.

However, we bit the bullet and made the purchase, and we could not be happier with the decision. We use it nearly every day whilst on the road whether it be to boil water or make baked beans, the options for cooking in this little beauty are really endless! And the added convenience of boiling water in say 2-3 minutes or having something cooked super fast just makes life and travelling that little easier and more efficient.



Next up would be the Thermacell Portable Repeller.

This machine is a downright miracle worker! Thermacell is an American company that has come up with this brilliant little gadget this is used for getting rid of mosquitos and sandflies (midges). Where we are right now at Cape Keraudren, we have had a lot of sandflies around and saying that they LOVE Madi is an understatement.

This Portable Repeller is the only thing that we have found that works on these pesky little buggers! We spent hundreds of dollars when we lived in Broome trying to find anything that would work, this is the only thing that stood the test. It runs off a little butane canister that you put in the bottom and has a replaceable repellent mat which is where the magic really happens. Again, they are a little bit on the pricy side, but we highly recommend it! I know the Broome Bunnings could hardly keep up with them which I think says it all.




Next, we have the Hardkorr U-Lite Dual Colour LED Lantern. The one we have runs off 3xAAA batteries however they do now come rechargeable!

They have magnets and a bungy strap on the rear side so there are multiple ways to attaching it to wherever you need which makes it extremely universal. It has 4 different functions, a bright light, dimmer light, orange light (great for keeping away the bugs) and a flashing orange light for emergencies. It can come individual or in a pack of 4 so we put two in the van and two in the Troopy as they just magnetise to the sides which is fantastic. This is such a great little unit that really can be used anywhere we absolutely love them.





The YETI! We have the YETI 1L (36oz) Rambler drink bottle and man oh man has it seen better days, but it is still going strong.

It does a brilliant job of keeping the water icy cold and testament to it, even though our poor one has a puncture in the side wall (breaking the Vacuum) due to Madi being a bit clumsy and dropping it on some rocks it still works a treat. This is an absolute must have for those hot days we have been having up in Northern Western Australia, even when the outside of the bottle is so hot you can hardly touch it you can guarantee the inside is still going to be a cool. If you are insistent on keeping hot drinks in this water bottle Yeti recommend that you change the lid to their HotShot Cap however, they do recommend that you do not use this bottle for carbonated beverages and hot drinks on their website.





Last but not least would have to be none other than the Scrubba Wash Bag. This is Australian ingenuity at its best.

We know everyone hates laundry too, right? But this thing is fantastic, we take it everywhere. Even when we flew to Tassie earlier this year, we took it with us you just never know when you might need it. It rolls up into practically nothing and weighs next to nothing which is fantastic for travelling and saving space in our 12ft van. You just fill the water to the line on the bag, put in your washing liquid, pop in your clothes, roll the top up, clip, release the air then rub away. We could not travel without this product. It is the only way that we wash our clothes on the road and it is an absolute lifesaver. And you don’t even have to sit there and rub it, if you are going for a drive that day fill her up, chuck it in the back and let the road do the work for you!



BONUS PRODUCT: Like we said at the beginning it was a near impossible task of narrowing this list down to just 5 products. So, we though that we would throw in one more for you.

That product in none other than our beach towels from Will & Wind. These towels are amazing. They are made of a light weight microfibre which is sustainably made using 80% recycled materials, that fold up to nothing, weigh nothing and are sand free! Meaning that we can take these little beauties to the beach and not bring the whole place home with us! How much space am I really saving you ask? Well, let’s just say in the space that 1 x average beach towel takes up we can fit 4 x Will & Wind travel towels! These towels are stunning and the fact that it is supporting a young Australian family chase their dreams is even better.

Be sure to check these guys out and even follow their social media for great tips!


Well, there we go Dreamers, that is 5 well 6 things that we cannot live without while living on the road. We absolutely love all these products and just had to share them with you all as we use them every single day.

We just wanted to add that none of these products have been sponsored in any way, we have purchased each product with our own money and just wanted to share our experiences and opinions.

What are your favourite items or is there anything else that you think we should be using? Now get out there and keep chasing your dreams guys!

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